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The personal, spiritual and moral growth of Bivha students is of no less importance than their academic progress. The School will employ staff who are dedicated to guiding their students through the unique challenges of adolescence and early adulthood.

The Pastoral Director will have the job of ensuring that each one of our staff is trained and prepared to be a critical friend to the student in their care.

The Pastoral Director will also be assisted in his work by a deputy, a school nurse, a counselor and resident house fellows who report to him in all student health, welfare, residential and general matters of concern.

Older students will provide mentoring to the younger ones. Each student, will in effect, at some stage have been mentored by a senior and serve as a mentor to their junior. The role of the mentor will be an important one in the School.

Bivha has respect for diversity as one of its principal goals. This applies equally to religion, ethnicity, gender and nationality. Students will come to the School with different belief systems and may have different approaches to notions of spirituality. The School will not espouse any one religion, belief system, or denomination. But it will encourage spiritual understanding, search and growth. This will entail three principal aspects. Firstly, we will provide the means for all students to worship in their own way.There will be a dedicated silent space in the School for quiet reflection, meditation or prayer accessible to all. Secondly we will encourage students to regard spirituality as a dimension of our shared humanity essential to moral progress, and that this comes in differently understood forms, whether it be love of nature, care of the environment, respect for our ancestry, identification with human progress, ingenuity and achievement, and love for others. And thirdly, we will explore the nature of religion, religious thought, philosophy and spirituality in its many forms within our taught curriculum.

They Play Too! @ Bivha
They Play Too! @ Bivha