Mission Statement

"Bivha International School will provide its students with a world class education by nurturing self confidence, self discipline, critical thinking, and creativity which will encourage in them an enduring love of knowledge and the passion and sense of improvement, as well as responsibility, to make a positive difference in the lives of others through their own actions and example."


Dr. Pamal's over-arching vision for the school is "to ignite minds and to create in the students a love of learning and continuous development, by making the learning process an enjoyable experience and by doing so, help develop a higher sense of self-esteem in the student and endeavour to equip the student with life skills that will place him first among his equals, when he steps out into the real world."(read more)

Bivha Corporation H.Q
Bivha Corporation H.Q

Bivha International School as an academic and residential community:


  • is dedicated to inquiry, problem solving and academic achievement within a holistic educational environment.


  • is committed to traditional Indian values and culture but recognises the need for a global perspective in education


  • provides an exemplary residential and extra-curricular programme


  • develops independent, articulate and compassionate men of integrity


  • empowers students to be contributing citizens in India and the international community

This mission will be achieved by:


  • the provision of an outstanding academic and residential facility


  • a quality supportive partnership between parents and the academy


  • the implementation of exemplary teaching and learning programmes

Philosophy and objectives
In order to accomplish the school's mission, Sarala Birla Academy is committed to creating and maintaining a challenging and rigorous academic and residential program including (but not limited to):


  • fostering a strong sense of individual and community responsibility and self confidence


  • cultivating a life long appreciation of learning, resourcefulness and individual potential


  • providing broad-based, integrated, experiential learning in basic academic disciplines in preparation for higher learning


  • providing leadership opportunities


  • developing critical and creative thinking skills


  • promoting ethical and moral conduct while respecting cultural diversity and individual differences


  • developing communication, research and organisational skills


  • offering opportunities to every member of the school community to be a partner in learning


Student from Nepal -NMC
Student from Nepal -NMC