Admin & Hostel view
Admin & Hostel view

As soon as students are admitted to Bivha  they will be assigned to a tutor group under the supervision of a tutor. The tutor will play a crucial role in the personal development of the student and will stay with them as they grow through the School.

An important part of well-being is lifestyle. Regular sleeping habits, attention to personal hygiene, daily private study, and the pursuit of knowledge in combination with a love of sports, healthy competition and participation in cultural and social events will be expected of all students and they will be helped at each stage by our expert residential and tutorial staff. It will be expected that those who excel or who find something easy will help those who cannot. No student will ever be ignored or excluded.

The dining room will be a central place for students and staff to come together. Staff living on campus will eat regularly with the students at lunch and dinner. The catering will reflect both the diversity of the school and the local cuisine. But it will always be plentiful, nutritious, tasty and varied.

Residential and Pastoral Life Offered:

Day Boarding

Student Residence

Weekly Boarding